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Total Hip Replacement Specifications

The femoral stem and metal shell of the cup is composed of titanium (Ti6A12V) with a porous surface that is 65% space and 35% metal. Bone grows into the space in a process called osteointegration. The implants are made using electron beam melting (EBM) technology in a vacuum. The EBM manufacturing technology is driven by engineering software resulting in tight tolerances for precise sizing of the implants. Titanium is well tolerated by the body and has a desirable modulus of elasticity, yield strength, fatigue strength, mass density, and ultimate strength for indefinite durability. Titanium is remarkably corrosion resistant. The head (ball) is made of cobalt chrome and has a polished surface in the sub-micron range to minimize long term wear. The largest head is17mm and the smallest is 6mm in diameter. The lining of the cup is made of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene. This is an extremely durable material that contacts the head during range of motion of the joint during ambulation and running. The wear properties are superb for animals that distribute weight on all 4 legs instead of just 2 like humans. The wear durability is good for the life time of dogs and cats.



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