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Sophie Pet Therapist

Sophie is a Therapy Dog that works in assisted living homes. She had severe arthritis and had a hip replacement. Seven months after surgery, her owner wrote the following:

"Dear Doctors,

I have been meaning to send you this note / e mail ever since Sophie got her new hip, but I'm just now getting the chance. First, let me thank you and the entire staff that I came in contact with at your hospital. I am sending you pictures for you to share about my amazing dog - Sophie. As I mentioned early on during our first meeting, Sophie goes to work with me 5 days a week. The popularity of "pet therapy" is on the rise, however, I have yet to see or read an article about an animal that directly affects their patients/residents for an entire 8-10 hour day. You will notice in the series of pictures that Sophie is that special animal.

The day I noticed her severe pain with the hip dysplasia it nearly broke my heart. Yes, Sophie is my favorite dog of all time but she also serves the purpose of working with older adults on a daily basis. You see Sophie not only distracts a senior citizen from the woes of aging, but she also often takes on the roll of providing good memories of their favorite pet of their past.

After meeting with you and realizing the cost involved, I briefly hesitated about having the hip surgery solely based on finances. However, after hearing several older adults at the adult day center talk of passing around a can for collections for Sophie's new hip, it became an easy decision.

With the new hip replacement, Sophie REALLY began to become one with the older adults at our center. Not only did she appreciate a good power nap, but she now could relate to the aches and pains of having a bad hip. Since the surgery, Sophie has fully recovered and is more like her old self at work. From the pictures you'll notice that she still gets to enjoy the walks, naps, and love that she gets on a regular basis by going to work."

Sophie Pet TherapistSophie Pet TherapistSophie Pet TherapistSophie Pet Therapist

Sophie Pet Therapist