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At Global Veterinary Specialists, we invite your feedback and comments. Your opinion matters to us! Below are a few messages from clients sharing their stories. For More Click Here

President George HW BushPresident Bush was so gracious and thankful for the care provided for Ranger's hip problem.


"Thank you for everything that you did for our baby. Fixing his hips gave us 6 more beautiful years with him. It is very rare these days to find doctors who actually care about what they do and that was obvious when we first met you. Keep up the good work."

"Your kindness will always be remembered and appreciated."

              ---Our dog, Shakespeare


Just a note to update you on Amber and to share some photos. As you may recall, Amber’s left hip was replaced by you 4 ½ years ago. At that time she was jogging unleashed approximately five miles a day with me. She is still very active and continues to run “free spirit” five or so miles each weekday. A rough estimate of her mileage since her hip replacement is 5,800 miles.

Amber’s weight has remained at 60-62 pounds since she became an adult. She is a wonderful dog and one of the lovers of my life that has been given a second chance because of your skills. Amber and I thank you very much.




I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how well Bosco is doing. She is completely back to her old “ornery” self, and I wish you could see how fat and sleek and beautiful she is!

There are doctors, and then there are people who care who also happen to be doctors. You fall in the latter category. I firmly believe that she would not have lived had it not been for your tenacity, skill, and caring spirit. Thank you so much for all you did for us – there’s a special place in heaven for guys like you. Sincerely,



I want to thank you for doing everything you could for “my Girl” and trying to fix her. I should have brought her in years ago when her chances of a successful surgery would have been so much better. I just didn’t know…

Sunshine truly was the sunshine in my life. I will never forget you and the kindness you gave to us.

            With greatest respect and appreciation,

            …Ann & Cindy


Words cannot express how very grateful we are for your wonderful skill and care of our darling dog, Marley

            …Richard and Latitia


Just a short note from the family and Lucy to send our thanks and appreciation for the excellent medical care regarding Lucy’s recent hip replacement. Thank you for not only excellent medical care but also the personal touch.

Thank you again and Lucy says “hip, hip, hooray”.



Thank you for your kind expression of concern and the warm caring of Abigail. Following all this – your understanding patience with Abigail’s worried up-tight human!

With Heartfelt Thanks.



Thank you so much for your excellent treatment, and loving care for ‘Elka’ recently. She has recovered completely and is presently setting in the back yard with me. She’s a beautiful, and healthy companion she once was. I could never repay, or thank you enough for saving her  twice now. Warm regards,



Here we are, once again, thanking you for the wonderful care you have given a member of our family. You took Casey Jones into your heart just as you did ‘Cassidy’. We will never forget that. With eternal lover and gratitude,

…David and Margie


Thank you for your participation in and support of the World Veterinary Orthopaedic Congress 2014

            …VOS President            …WVOC Chair


            “…beauty without vanity, strength without insolence, courage without ferocity… and all the virtues of man… without his vices…”

Thank you! for the wonderful care of Max and his new hip. Sincerely,

            …Dave & Susan


Your award from Iowa State University is truly a well

deserved honor. You have proven yourself to be a

surgeon/doctor who is not only skilled, professional,

and capable but also caring and nurturing.

Missy would not be walking, running, playing, and actually

jumping had it not been for your amazing skills

and knowledge.

Thank you and once again, Congratulations.




Thank you so much for your advice and care of Raider.

His knees are rehabbing and we are thankful he will be able to run again.

Your expertise is much appreciated, and thank you for taking such good care of Raider!

Cathryn & Rob


We both thank you for your special care for her during her life time. We will never regret the decision to give her pain-free time with her “new hips”. Sincerely,



I just read about the American Veterinary Medical Association Award you received and wanted to say how nice it felt to say I have met you. It is a great thing you are doing for animals. Keep up the great work and way to go! Congratulations!



We wanted to thank you for what you have done for Shadow. When you called me the day of his surgery and told me you put him back together the best that you could, my immediate thought was that your best would far exceed what anyone else could have possibly done for Shadow. J

You have truly been blessed with a very unique gift, the ability to perform intricate orthopedics surgeries. We know that Shadow came very close to losing his front leg because of the severity of the fracture. We are very grateful you had the expertise to put him back together. Shadow has his leg today because of you. He is a fortunate cat to have had you as his surgeon. Thanks so very much for taking care of Shadow. We truly appreciate your time and efforts. God’s blessings to you.

            …Jimmy & Carol


We’re taken Gretchen to a new vet in Georgia & Gretchen is doing great since we last saw you and is completely back to her old self again. I know the reason she’s well again is because you did such a great job of performing her surgery and I know choosing the right Dr. had a lot to do with her prognosis. Thanks again.

            …Eric & Mary


We just wanted to let you know that Reagan’s life of 13 years was substantially longer due to her hip replacements. Thank you for the good care she got.



Thank you so very much for all you have done for George. He is doing great. George means a lot to us and we appreciate what you have done for him. Thank you again.

…Randy & Susan


Thank you for taking such good care of my baby, Tiger. You truly have been blessed with a special gift of healing. Tiger is loving his walks and getting stronger every day. He is my miracle dog! Thank you! & God Bless,

…Tina Terry & Tiger


Thank you all for your expert veterinary skills, your kindness, and loving care you have shown us all. Bright blessings,



We are grateful you came into our lives and helped our little ‘Hula’ run and play again without pain. Thank you for your kindness in helping our little friend.

            …Dorothy & Michael


I just wanted to thank you again for taking such wonderful care of Hal. That dog is like a human to me and I appreciated so much your kind and concerned attitude. Thanks so much,



We are looking forward to many ‘Newt’ adventures in 2015, many of which wouldn’t be [possible without the hip replacement.

…Julia, Lawson & “Newt”