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Welcome to Global Veterinary Specialists!

Global Veterinary Specialists recognizes that dogs and cats encounter orthopedic injuries, disabling difficulties, and diseases that affect the quality of life. Each GVS veterinary surgeon has over 20 of years of experience dealing with the most complex problems that arise. We are teachers, mentors, inventors, clinical researchers, and surgeons driven to achieve excellence for every animal. For professional veterinary services, contact Global Veterinary Specialists.

Our Pledge

We will treat you like a friend and colleague, and we will treat your companion animals as if they were our own. We will do our best to do the right things for you and your companion. Your companion deserves the best possible outcome. Someone wants to help

We can, and we will.

Our Mission

The mission is to be a highly focused group of experienced veterinary surgeons using expertise in surgery and as educators to advance skills and the widespread availability of veterinary joint replacement surgery. Read More

canine hip replacement

Interviews with Dr. William Liska, DVM

Part 1

Introduction to Joint Replacement

Part 2

How do I know if my pet needs surgery?