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Micro Total Hip Replacements for Small Dogs & Cats

The objective of Micro Total Hip Replacement (Micro THR) is to establish a pain free joint with normal biomechanical function in small dogs and cats (weighing between 4 to 20 pounds). When this procedure is performed by one of our surgeons, all risks of complications are minimized, ensuring your pet’s recovery. To determine whether or not your pet is a suitable candidate for Micro Total Hip Replacement, please discuss everything in complete detail including your pet’s specific diagnosis, aftercare, function after surgery, and all other available options with your veterinarian.

Micro THR System

The implantation system consists of three components – the femoral stem, the femoral head, and the acetabulum. Components are manufactured from cobalt-chrome, stainless-steel and ultra-high, molecular weight polyethylene. All components are interchangeable and sized according to your pet’s anatomy seen on radiographs. The Micro total hip replacement system is similar to total hip replacement systems in large dogs – everything is just smaller. All components have been designed for durability and are not expected to wear out.

Surgical Generalities


The surgical technique used on small dogs (<25 pounds) and cats that present with hip dysplasia or another form of arthritis is basically the same as for larger dogs. All methods used during surgery are the same as current THR techniques except that smaller instrumentation is used. Micro THR is typically performed after the patient has reached adulthood; however, it has been can be performed in animals as young as 6 months if necessary. of age


Most patients walk on their new hip the day after surgery and are mobile upon release from the hospital. Regardless of how well they are doing, it is important to limit activity after surgery for the first 6 weeks. You must remain firm on this! It is a generally a good idea to put them in a small area or crate during this time. They should be on a good traction surface indoors, and on a leash when outdoors to eliminate. After the 5-6 week recheck exam, you will be given instructions on when to take your pet on short walks, generally two times a day for about 1 month.

Postoperative pain management is provided for every patient on an as needed basis. After rehabilitation, dogs and cats are encouraged to begin most of their normal activities. Endurance exercise is good to maintain your pet’s general health and does not create complications. Your pet’s rehabilitation program can be tailored to allow them to resume their life as a service, or competition dog. Please ask for more information regarding all available rehabilitation programs.

Qualified Surgeons

Our staff has an exceptional team of highly-qualified board-certified veterinary surgeons, all of whom are dedicated to using their expertise in establishing greater accessibility, improving the level of patient care and expanding upon the knowledge of veterinary joint replacement procedures – worldwide.

Sassy 12 days after THR surgery

Our caseload has encompassed patients suffering from a wide variety of orthopedic conditions. Our practice is equipped with only the best state-of-the-art equipment. Instrumentation and implants used are manufactured by BioMedtrix.

Your pet’s safety is most important! During all procedures, the safest anesthetic agents are used, and patients are continuously monitored throughout. In addition, every precaution is taken in minimizing the risk of complications. Patient care is provided 24 hours a day during hospitalization.

All surgeries are performed by board-certified surgeons. You, your veterinarian, and your veterinary surgeon play a key role in ensuring the procedure’s success. Additional information can be found by clicking on any of the above links, or by visiting our website at  


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