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Nell – Master Duck Hunter

Nell’s owner wrote:

Nell Master Duck Hunter"I hope this note finds you doing well.  We took Nell out this past weekend on a Teal Hunt and she did very well.  We were one bird short of limiting out on Teal – Nell had 10 retrieves.  I’ve attached some photos we took to share.

She is also entered to run in a Masters Hunt Test in 2 weeks. Will let you know how she does.


Nell is shown with her retrieved ducks at the end of a fun day hunting. Nell is 3 months after the first THR. Nell now has bilateral hip replacements

Nell’s owner wrote 23 months after her second side THR was performed:

"Nell got her last pass toward her AKC Master Hunter title yesterday…each series was as difficult as the previous series...attached is a photo of her.

Nell Master Duck HunterWe began our quest for Nell’s Master Hunter Title last fall – she passed 4 tests from Sept 06 to May 07…if she had passed one more test during that time she would have qualified for the Master National event this year.  People are amazed how well she does with a double hip replacement let alone to be able to compete at the Master level and attain her title…

Thank you!!"