Helpful Tips On How To Care For Your Pet After Hip Surgery

Helpful Tips On How To Care For Your Pet After Hip Surgery

Dogs and Cats with moderate to severe Hip Dysplasia need hip surgery in order to help restore their mobility. In these cases, a Total Hip Replacement (THR) is an effective choice; this surgery may also be considered an option when the cost of pain management has become restrictive. 

The procedure entails removing the femoral stem, femoral head, and acetabulum. After removal, they are replaced with prosthetic components that are composed of either titanium or cobalt-chrome stainless steel and ultra-high molecular weight polyurethane.

If your pet is between 3.5 and 180 pounds, then THR is an optimal treatment option, as long as they have reached skeletal maturity. Surgeries like this allow your dog or cat to resume a healthy, happy, and normal life.

Recovery and Healing

One of the most vital parts you play as the parent of a pet who has just gone through surgery is their aftercare. Ensuring your pet’s comfort and safety are of utmost importance during recovery time; during this time, choose a space within your home that has exceptional traction for your pet to recuperate safely. 

When taking your pet outdoors, they must be on a leash for 5-6 weeks, a walking assist sling will be provided for you. Initially, walking should be kept to a minimum and progressively stretch out into longer periods of walking to gently exercise their body. 

During the first few weeks of recovery, make sure your pet is not running, playing, jumping around or climbing up and down stairs. A follow-up appointment with x-rays will be scheduled following this recuperative period, as soon as possible. A customized rehabilitation program, which includes two to three daily walks, will then begin. That program is specially developed for each dog with time, duration, and distance parameters established for each day.

Your dog is usually allowed to resume regular activity within thirty days after the follow-up radiographs. That is within about ten weeks post-surgery.

For more information on what you can expect following hip surgery for dogs, please click here.

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